Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Present for My Beloved: Michael Jackson You Are Much More

"Happy Birthday"
The day you were born the angels gathered and whispered of a beauteous babe and touched you with their hands and placed gentle kisses on your cheeks
The day you were born God instilled in you enough love for 100 men and blessed you with a voice that could shake both heaven and earth
The day you were born the sun and stars and moon joined the planets in a dance of sheer delight in anticipation of the joy you would impart
The day that you were born rivers rushed and mountains cried and the trees rustled in the wind singing sweetly of the one so fair and so kind
The day that you were born revealed my heart...and created my destiny.
i love you Michael and that you know and i will love you beyond my last breath for you are my Beloved...Happy Birthday Baby Boy

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